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Inside her lilac blanket she weeps in fear of the future to come

Inside her mind the gears never stop, forever in thought of her imperfections

Inside her heart in beats so loudly, from the sickening caffeine addiction

The only way she can stay awake in the void was to put that poison on her velvet smooth lips

She illuminates the room with one flick, and begins to cram her forgotten homework in the day

She only had until dawn broke to become the perfect image everyone saw her as

Her boyfriend in a deep sleep, as she gazes upon him,tears drop 

She grazes her eye with her index finger to hold back the sobbing

She wished in a world she didn't have to act, she could be

She wished she could rip the mask off her face and be her self

As dawn broke, she broke in fear of the people she would face

She laid in fear of the thoughts of others, and placed the poison to her lips again

She overdosed her body becoming paralyzed, her heart in shock

The nausea enclosing her esophagus and the heat racing through her blood 

Caffeine took her melancholy life, That night she was at peace, 

Inside the lilac sheets she laid with no fears

Inside her mind the gears finally stopped

Inside her heart's hammering died down

Inside she was no longer tortured, she was alone.


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