Inspiring Angel


The news came so sudden,
Causing all of us to grow sullen.
Looking up and shouting, "why?" 
But there was no one there but the sky. 
My baby sister has just been diagnosed. 
I wasn't ready for her to be a ghost. 
Images were popping into my mind 
Of when her health will start to decline.
Her blonde curls will start to fall to the ground 
And she will no longer be able to jump around. 
Her limbs will grow weak 
And she'll lose the red in her cheeks. 
The "c" word echoed through my ears. 
It was the last thing any sibling wanted to hear. 
However, my sister, who was well beyond her years, 
Took her small finger and wiped away my tears. 
She said in her squeaky voice, 
"This was not anybody's choice. 
However, I will take this sticky situation 
And make the most of whatever time I've been given. 
The road from here will be rough, 
But I've always considered myself quite tough. 
I don't want to leave you guys anytime soon, 
So I will kick cancer's butt, just stay tuned!" 
At the conclusion of her little speech, 
Everyone in the room no longer weeped. 
We started to realize that God had a plan. 
This diagnosis was not the end. 
It only managed to bring my family closer together 
And teach us a lesson on what truly mattered. 


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