The Internal Pain Of A Secret Desire

The rain
The waves
The temporary feeling of bliss
The cigarette pressed between his lips
"I'll take you to a place with a view and we'll have the time of our lives"
I leaned over the wooden rail and looked up into the night skies
He listened to every word of my inner misery 
And confessed his own burdens I didn't see coming
That's when the energy hit
We had some time left to waste
So he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my waist
Our souls danced and dwelled in the cold air
Warmth filled the atmosphere
As we gave each other that physical promise of security
I felt both hearts pounding faster than the speed of light
These broken pieces re-emerged; his grip on me was tight
I looked up thanking beyond the stars exposing themselves through the clouds
For a moment I forgot every single fear and doubt
That was traveling through my head but was interrupted by his touch
The comfort and care I was craving for so much
I looked up at him, the key was lost, and our eyes were completely locked
Our noses met for the first time
I noticed the darkened spark in his eyes
Then our speakers combined
While my vision closed to nothing
Every single organ in my body turned to nothing
Weakened knees, sprinting heart
It's the reminiscing of the night that tears me apart
The purity in my soul loses control at the thought of freedom from this brick wall
The internal pain of a secret desire
Sets my spirit in a metaphorical fire
But I view this moment of joy with happiness, I'm trying
To keep it all together, don't let them know inside I'm dying.
And I will close my eyes when my heart is crying
And keep my longing for him a secret until I receive the me I'm finding
And I will find
Love is kind
It'll take time
To maintain this spotless mind
Our souls will bind
It'll be blissful 
But for now, us?
It's nothing but a strategic 
Beautifully tragic


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Holly Nunnally

Damn sexy yet sad love this... the way you write feels so real the way you explain make me want to be in your poem! I just love poetry.... don't think I'm crazy lol but anyways great work hope u can find some time to read mine!!