I want to see my reflection when re-reading my words

Not to live behind persona painting vividly pictures for stages

Slamming relying on metaphors and verbs

I want to write honesty


To write the things keeping my spine aligned

Burry me alive inside this casket full of my sins

Let this book become my casket

Cremate me—

Spread my ashes in the air

And become the cancer you breathe

Feel what’s tearing my body apart inside...


Speak of love

Speak of honesty

Speak of God and the Parkinson’s of my faith

Speak of how true death comes in threes & for me,

To wonder who’s about to be the 3rd

Speak of how I love through sex but not sex through love

Speak about the unborn…


Speak until my soul grows weak

Propped up from the things I keep

Locked away inside my mind

Being opened up by this pen

And these pages

Without searching for faces but searching to

Only see my own

So here’s to being honest

And to finally see my reflection

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