It’s Time I Die

trapped in a jar with no escape

i scream my soul out as i grow weak


my heart pains more and the tears are nonstop

can anyone hear me screaming to get out?


it’s hard to get attention for one more second

i’m just being ignored, like I didn’t mention


A single hint of help

to save me from this hell


was i just meant to die?

was i really meant to commit suicide?


must i eradicate my existence from this earth?


God must be punishing me

hoping that i’ll die painfully

knowing that the dirt he created was a mistake 

every time i think that, i just break


if my fate is death then i’ll take it

‘cause living seems to have no purpose

life never loved me anyways..


no one will miss me, they won’t care

the ones who do will just stare,

probably disgusted that i couldn’t handle life

yet they were the reasons for my strife! 


i’ll be forgotten like a passing wind

if i am a ghost, i’ll live in my sin

as the devils crude hand grasps the last of life that was within me


why was i born to begin with

if my life was going to become meaningless

my birth was an unplanned mistake


the convincers become repetitive

giving me more void reasons to live 

in their minds they think they’ve done it

like they’re a hero or somethin’

when all they did was make it worse!


to the world, it was fun

to have all those rare happy moments on the run

my happiness has come dry

now it’s time to say goodbye


i bet they were all waiting for me to die. 

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