It Is All Up To You

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 11:21 -- Treyg3


With pain and suffering

What more could you do?

Only in your mind you will see:

It is all up to you.


There are ups, and plenty of downs

Many people leave, some stay around.

One finds true friends to help them through

But always remember, your family is there for you.


With your life upside down, perseverance is the key

When one falls down they should only see:

Although giving up is easy

It is mainly for the weak.


One must stand tall

Even though deprived.

And reach for the highest of goals

Even further than the sky.


One human can change the world

Who says it cannot be you?

With big dreams and harder work

This can all become true.


The mind is wise, and runs wild, like a zoo.

The only thing that can help one through

Is to think deep inside:

It is all up to you.


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