It Takes Time

When I was younger,

I used to think that I was overweight

Because my parents would say

"You should lose that tummy of yours."

I'm sure they meant well.

My biggest influence didn't come

From magazines or movies

It came from them.

I haven't worn a bikini in years

Even though I look damn fine now.

It took me years to learn how beautiful I was

And I still struggle

When people depend on me,

Want to be my friend

Or even say that I sing well

Because of my mom mentioning,


Several years ago

That my sister could sing better than me.

My hair got perfect Sophomore year

The stylist finished cutting my hair short

And my first thought when I saw myself in the mirror

Was that I looked like a song.

A song.

With braces off,

I ran my tongue over my smooth teeth

And smiled a beautiful smile

That I haven't let go of since.

I don't think I'll ever be famous

Even though that thought would have killed me

Only a few years ago.

It took me time to learn

That as long as you're happy,

It doesn't matter if you're rich

You can have wealth in yourself

And knowing that you are someone 

To be loved.


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