Is it Us, just You or Just Me?


United States
32° 44' 5.622" N, 117° 5' 49.416" W

I give everything to you, everything you want, materialistic or not, I give it to you...but I never receive. Why is that? Why is it that I bust my butt everyday and every night thinking of ways to make you happy? Why does it feel like you don't?

It's not fair to me that I only get things when I ask for it...sometimes I want to be surprised. Sometimes I want to feel like I'm appreciated. Sometimes I want to feel like I actually mean something to you, something more than dead weight.

I hate having to ask for things and you say no or not right now or even "I'm working on it". I don't want to ask anymore, I want to be surprised. Surprised by the little things. A pebble like male penguins give to their love or a flower picked from a bush...or even a heartwarming letter made especially for me. Telling me how much you love me, our plans for the future and how we want to live life...but no. I won't get any of these even if I's always "I don't know", "maybe" or even "that's a lot of work"

I feel greatly unappreciated...and I wonder if you would be the same if you were with a different girl? Maybe you'll treat her better, or maybe worse, or maybe just like me. I don't know, but I do wonder.

I've given up everything, I dedicate my time to you, to make you feel happy and at home, I wonder if you see that...I wonder if you would do the same for me.