It worked

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 20:40 -- KJSelf

I'd love to confuse you.


If you cannot love me, I hope

You'd think you did at times;

That I annoyed you just enough

Would satisfy my sighs


I might have used you.


If you happened to look,

And I held your gaze long enough

To charm you with my blues

I'd hope to see your corners curl.


If you don't get flustered

Like I do when I hear you laugh

For just a brief moment then

My laugh in your presence isn't enough


One day on your news feed

You'll scroll past a picture of me

Wearing a backless dress

Scarlett lips and some Venus rolls


You will think it's too much

Although you will still have to stare

Because I'm in rare form

A way in which you've never seen


Like always you'll forget

You won't remember till we meet

I'll be dressed more simply

But I have always stared the same


If just thinking of me

During my most daring moments

Makes you inhale quickly

My heart will sigh a smile

I can feel like I returned the favor

Of unrequited attention.


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