Its a Curtain Call

Loud obnoxious talkative laughter 

Eyes wondering in a motion of chaotic fashion

With no awareness of the stage's scamper

As the Curtain Calls

Teacher: "Are you present" 

Me: "Yes Im here"

And I begin my preparation for the masquerade

And everyones going 

From the cool kids to the nerds to emos 

Haven't you heard even the teachers will apear  

Now me, I'm going as the funny guy 

The I'll make you laugh, If you promise to now leave me

And I'm only funny, when you ever want see me

I take jokes to heart but pain, I show none

My dad said dont let them see you hurt 

So I put on a show

It airs even day from Monday to Friday from 7am to 2:30

I would love for you to come watch 

But the more viewers I get, the more I just want to stop

I see them laughing at me,  

Like what the fuck is so funny about me 

With every word I say, I get a chuckle 

And a few kids stares at me 

And the teacher tries to call me off stage 

But I can't leave the crowd loves me 

And I get mad respect if I fire back, when the teacher tries to bug me

But I guess this is their stage, 

Im just one of many actors, 

And all they will ever see is the numbers.



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