It's Important

Vote. The candidates are less than adequate but the poles are full and you should be there so line up and make sure you cast your ballot for the one you distrust the least because it’s important. Choose a position because if you are not for them you are against them and they need to know what side you’re on before they decide if you are worthy of being heard or respected so state your stance because it’s important. Speak because this world is divided and your voice matters even though it may add to the division since some people refuse to listen when it differs from their own opinion and they may choose to hate you based on what you say but use your voice because it’s important. Pray but not too loud so that those who do not believe are not offended because they don’t know your heart nor have they asked so do not assume that it matters to them. Stop crying when you read their comments because they have a right to feel and say what they did behind that mask of a computer screen because their voice matters too whether it hurts you or not and it’s important. Perform self-care but be careful how you choose to do it because some people think it’s an excuse to do unneccasary self-fulfilling activities which discredits it as an activity to improve mental health so choose your self-care activities wisely so they think better of the term because they do not know what you have been through so do not assume that it matters to them. Have an opinion but make sure it’s the right opinion even though there is no right opinion since it all contributes to the massive divide because as soon as you state your opinion you will create invisible barriers that you didn’t build but can’t knock down but have an opinion because it’s important. However, above all things you should Love and always listen before you speak because a person’s heart can be the most beautiful sound when you’re not trying to hear through the shots on the battle field that we create in our determination to continue this war so hold up your white flag not in submission but in alliance with peace because things are not getting better and in some ways they wont be getting better and people continue to wage war against one another over things that didn’t have to be discussed and they choose not to understand each other before they add them as a friend but you will need to rise above that with love that holds no bounds and knows no language and has no barriers even if that means that sometime you forget about what I told you was important because when you look at people you need see behind these things and really that’s the only thing that is important.



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