The Job of a Life Time

Jobs are an ordinary source of life containing spectacles and life changing oppertunities

Jobs are intimate arrousing the state of mind to go straight foaward in a given point of time

jobs are appart of us

They help us surrive

They help our love ones

They carve the world into what we call a better place

But are Jobs so enjoyable to many individuals

Some work to provide for their families

Some work because their life depends on it

Some work because they have a selective joy in their particular job


Are the key to every Job

Doing what an individual loves

That's when we lift the world up above

Above our hands and say

We love our Job today


Is what I love

An enjoyable sense of nature that derives the soul into peaceful recreation

listening is the key to most individuals

Creating it, However

Fills my soul with glowing sensations of sunshine

My dream

With my Hazordous Enormous Self Esteem

Is to become some what of a creative individual

to make music a reality, instead of a conformity

Becoming somewhat of a man of passion toward my subject

Diagnosed with a diesease of loving music

Pictures of music symbols drawn into my mind,


Creativity in the air

Having the Passion bigger than a giant Bolder

My exquisite dreams of becomming a Composer   


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