Job of a Preacher


The weight of the world is heavier now.

Day’s drive by and cars fly high.

God has come and now every knee bows.

Always thought it’d be in the sky.

The impossible takes place.

Things I’d thought I’d never accomplish.

Golden streets, pearly gates, I see my makers face.

Its everything of everything promised.

I had my doubts of myself.

Never knew if God would allow me in heaven.

Now it’s God, me, and the disciples themselves.

All of it part of my story, Gods succession.

I promised I would be okay.

And now we can be together again one day.



There are billions of jobs out in the world. From being a farmer to being the top agent for CoverGirl. Everyone will do some type of work in there life whether it be for money or just to help freely. Most are tough but one job which is both mentally and physically the hardest is preaching, in my oppinion. This is one job I can do because it's against scripture. I would love to have this job though, to change the world, to keep every human kind together forever. :) -|-


There are many jobs in the world. Whether its being a farmer or the top agent of CoverGirl. Everyone at some point will do work for money or for free of the bettering of someone else. I believe the job as a preacher is the hardest both mentally and physically. Though I can not preach because it's against scripture, I would love to. To keep every human together forever.

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