The Journey, With You

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 14:44 -- ecimase

I could always await

Your wonderful company

Even with the hate

From others, I receive

Nothing could be better

Than being with you

The long journey

With no one, but you

Nothing else to do

But stand here with you

As we travel the world

And the seven seas

I can’t be too sure

When you’re with me

Forever, and always

Though I lack so much

You stand by my side

Regardless of faults

Even with many and all

The many shortcomings

You continue to be here

That is all I need

I wonder what they see

When they look at us

Should we really worry?

How others may see us

Regardless of us

And our relationship

That it will be worth it

Because I love you

And no matter how

It turns out now

That I will always

Continue to love you

And I will continue

To go, on this wonderful

The journey, with you


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