judgement of the earth (God have the last say)

behold The Lord is here whether people see Him or not

behold The Lord is here whether people like it or not

I love The Lord deeply where i fear Him

death can't stop me because i'll still live on eternally in an everlasting life

yet people continue to skew Him with blame and misrepresentation of who He is

i want all of you to know this

The Lord makes the earth empty and waste

distorts minds of people who are filtered with hate and filled their souls with Faith

He'll wipe away those who oppose Him and he's not public enemy #1

people who listen to priests don't even know God's words

marriages that fail due to infidelity that leads to divorce that He hates

drug dealers who feed lost ones with crack

ignorance that contradicts the teachings of our Supremist who truly reigns

neighborhoods that will utterly continue to plunder

communities that is empty where the wind blows away debris of whatever is left

The Lord is speaking to us

people don't want to listen, yet blame Him for atrocities

the flesh who satisfies one's selfish desire are the one who transgresses His laws

dreams that are shatter, convenant that is broken

curse that doesn't recycle like yesterday's trash

it continues to devoured the earth

leaving people oblivious to understanding the truth of what is happening in this crooked world

instead of gaining spiritual inheritance from God

they drink away the pain, they smoke out stolen goods from their parents

the city is in state of confusion, broken down, batter like a woman victimize of domestic violence

houses are shut, no one is pernitted to enter

there is a cry for hope in the streets

the joy is darkened 

in the city , all that's left is desolation, avenue is stricken with destruction that is immune to peace

is that the way life is?

it's not........despite of the horror, faith will uplift our souls as we sing and praise to The Lord

to come and smarten all of us

woe is us , woe is us for not listening to You, whom God sent to save us from misery

treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously (Isaiah 24:16)

indeed treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously (Isaiah 24:16)

the funny part is that when all the bad things catches

they flee like gutless cowards

whoever comes up from the midst of pits shall be caught in the snare

the foundation of the earth is shaken fearfully

the earth has violently erupted and broken

the earth splits its core wide open

the transgression of hateful acts people commits will fall and not rise up like the sun

that day will come

that day will pass

that The Lord will punish those who exalts themselves 

those goons will be gather all together as prisoners in riker's island and will remain there in prison

with no light that shines in the day and no light that glows at night

for The Lord God Almighty reigns





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Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

dropping jewels that is a spiritual inheritance from The Lord

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Of course, Mr. MVP is known for pursuing universal truths through his writing. Indeed a literary critic, writer, and poet, he longs to educate and relate to a plethora of Christian poets and writers regarding the mission of spreading the gospel in 'Judgement To the Earth'.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

This poem speaks truth to everyone
People need to listen
That's why God gave us two ears and one mouth
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