Just go



You think I am confident. You think I'm not afraid to say any given word....

The truth is I look at self confidence and cower away. I dance around my words as if I am on satan's bed. People look to me as if I know what I am saying, but in all honesty I do not have a clue. I'm just a kid living in a small town. Everyone talks, then when they turn you see another face. It is exausting, you just want to be good enough. You want to be athletic, you want to be 'nice', you want to be you. As the years go on I find that you can't have it all because that would be to good to be true. I will tell you how it is no matter the tears or laughter to follow, but I can't tell you were I've been or where I'm going. Confidence is a word that has many meanings but it only has one in my book. Confidnece is a security blanket, it helps me look strong and happy. One day my defintion of confidence will chance, but until then i just go.


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