Just Help Me

Yes, I value my education.

That's why I'm always asking questions that you never answer.

Yes, I am African American.

I might not be as golden colored as your favorites, but that

doesn't mean I'm ratchet.

I find it amazing, how you call yourself a teacher

but you don't even have the want to help me.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Shut up and listen for once!

I'm not usually like this towards a teacher,

But if you think you're going to fail me off of your laziness, 

you betta tie your shoe because you trippin'.

It's teachers like you!

Ask us if we need help, I ask, you have an attitude. For what again?

I don't ask, you get mad. What is it with you?!

See, turning your head because you know it's true. 

So quick to say you're still gonna get paid.

You so hype, but you don't even get paid much.

And I didn't know you could get paid for shunning a student.

Yes you do! Every day I'm here!

I don't know who you think I am, but take a deep look into my face,

Draw it, take a picture of it in your brain.

I will pass this class.

And if I have to Google every thing you teach, just because you

refuse to help me, then trust and believe I will.

But while I'm in here, maybe you should learn how to help me, the proper way, 

respectful way, 

Or I can help you learn not to play with me.



Need to talk?

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