Just a Little Lamb


Sarah had a little lamb,
guarded in pink meadows.
A young forebearer, no doubt.
A deserted mother
seeking to conquer the cosmos.

A three month journey,
filled with memories and milestones,
struggle and difficulties.

Life was sublime,
but misfortune was ahead,
a lawless wolf,
a fatal ailment.
The monster kidnapped the lamb
straight from the child-bearer's cluthes.

The public's notion
she did not want heard.
She hid behind sealed doors
keeping her agony a secret.

Days turned to a month,
spectator's lives advanced.
She craved her little lamb.
Ravenous for a purpose,
certainly she need to fufill
her lambs destiny.

No longer a mother
seeking an eternal aspiration.
She ambels alone
led by a lamb.
Sharing a myth
about a little lamb
that altered her universe.
A tale about a careless woman
a lamb gave purpose.



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