Just One Job

Just one Job... Can change my life
Sometimes I hear this, and I think "yeah right"
But maybe, just maybe, I should believe the hype
Because maybe, just maybe, they could all be right
Maybe, even I,can bring my dreams to light
Honestly, it's always been my dream to write
Or more specifically, I mean to write rhymes
"You want to be a poet?"
"You're so much more and you know it"
Well not exactly, I'd prefer to rhyme to a beat
You know, the type of rhymes that get you moving your feet
"A rapper!?"
"You've got so much achieved, why blow it?"
Truth is, I'd be alright wherever I'm going
But to motivate through music is what I desire
I don't know, I guess I hear a nice tune and I just get inspired
And I know it's hard work, but I've always perspired
And if it's what I want to do, I could never get tired
I know it's far fetched but I'll cover the distance
Because Maybe then I could get the whole world to listen
And I could show them my visions
Good intentions, good decisions
We should all pay more attention
To what we've done and all we didn't 
You only get one shot, so make sure you never miss it
And if you know that you deserve it
Make sure your aim is perfect


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