Just An Ordinary Random Poem..

Eyes closed, head back
My mind tries to comprehend
Bombs blowing up my family
Racist slurrs towards my president
Teens lacking amibition and inspiration
Perhaps they were inspired afterall
By their favorite rappers or the drugs in their hands
Trying so hard to stand out they fail to realize..
That the need to fit in by standing out is a must
Everyone is trying to be special.

Society, unclear and unhappy
Tries to brainwash those around us
Until we too, believe what they are feeding us
No, I'm not a modern day hippie.
Maybe a modern day Thoreau or Emerson.

Why do grown ups despise teens?
They expect them to be absoutely awful
Blame it on those teenagers
Teenagers feel excluded so they do what they feel is fitting in
Peer Pressure.

Rappers call females the "B-word"
So kids do the same and claim it's okay
The influence of our culture is heavy isn't it?
Complaints about a low-battery
Instead of starvation are famous amognst us Americans
Affluent. They call us.


Adanna Hudson

These are just things that fill my mind.

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