Just like Salinger

"What will you be when you grow up? "

"I don't know, maybe I will write a book."

She smiles and I can hear laughter in her voice as she answers,

"Ok sweetheart. Now, it't time for a nap."


Five years later...


"So, what would you like to be when you get older?"

"Well...I think I want to be a writer."

He frowns and tugs at his beard as he says,

"Well, that's a dream. But, think realistically."


Five years later....


"What are your plans for your future?"

"I don't know. Perhaps a flight attendant. But, I would love to write on the side."

She looks at me critically and responds,

"I think it would suit you to write more than that."


Five years later....maybe.


"How did you get here...a writer? Helping people with your words....inspiring those who need it?"

"I just did what I love to do. I became a writer, and I wrote."

He writes furiously in his notepad and asks,

"So...what is next?"


"Possibilites. Opportunities. Other dreams that I have always had."





It makes me want to get back into basketball. 

Thank you. 

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