Just A Tree.

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 13:22 -- Shyless


My life started out great,
My childhood has been glorified by playful memories,
Visual symphonies,
Playing behind closed eyes,
Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all lies,
Honestly my mother tried,
And I only remember sometimes,
She cried,
When she worked so hard to build me up,
She said I started in the bottom of a red cup,
Just one night,
She became my mother,
My father,
My sole provider,
In that night,
She began to see the world through a different light,
She may have started me as a seed,
But she planted me with solid creed,

Somehow she was able to feed my hungry roots,
Though I was never thankful,
Till’ I knew what it truly meant,
Giving her ice,
After her long shifts,
Just to be nice,
In a sweat shop,
Sheltered by a tin top,
Where she has seen people drop,
From the heat,
Seeing the shadows of people who passed away,
Their souls trapped in the bricks made of clay,

Now in a fully grown tree,
My trunk has 20 rings,
My leaves shine bright and green,
But that is all anyone has seen,
My beautiful green leaves,
Forged in steel,
Taking a lifetime to grow,
Forcing my thick trunk to stand strong,
My ever winding roots to dig deeper to support,

If one person would just take the time to look at me,
They would quite clearly see,
Etching carved into the wood,
By just young kids,
Who thought they would live forever,
T. + Tree
K. + Tree
Tree + B forever
J. + Tree
All with little hearts carved around them,
Looking ever closer you will see near the top,
A little drop,
Sap still dripping,
The latest carving,
P. + C.
P took off my leaves,
He broke the fewest limbs,

Lying awake at nights I can still feel the cold kiss of steel,
Their blades digging into my flesh,
But I wouldn’t thresh,
And though I would never admit,
Kisses from their razor lips,
Made me soar on ships,
The cigarette burns,
Made me yearn,

Looking past what everyone could see,
If you took the time,
To look at me,
Remove my strong brilliant leaves,
Inside you would find,
Twisted branches,
From all my missed chances,
Broken twigs,
Just like their ribs,
When their personalities,
Became worse than fallacies,
Rotting holes in my trunk,
From the times I was drunk,
Scorched embers of bark,
That started with her spark,
Lit into flames,
Burning not only my leaves,
But the seven years we spent growing,
Wishing her words would have stopped flowing,
As she started throwing,
Cannonballs through my canopy,
That was when I lost my sanity,
I marked my flesh,
With the cold kiss of death,

Years have passed,
Late at night I get up,
I hide in the tub,
Just to not wake my lover,
Tears seal my eyes shut,
I’ve been trying to recover,
But these broken branches carry too much sorrow,
The scars on my trunk will not cover,
Hoping it’s easier to get up tomorrow,
My steel leaves are getting to be more than I can bare,
My roots are rotting in the soil,

But I swear,
I will drop them all,
For I can no longer stand this toil.


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