Jygerex, Both Hunter and Hunted

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 16:35 -- ecimase

May the Lord help anyone

So unlucky as to become

The prey of this creature

Far more than man

Just under a dragon

This creature makes all

Tremble and quiver

With a terror like never before

With a roar like thunder

And speed like lightning

This is a beast to be feared

And it can become human

A literal monster

Within human skin

The terror of meeting

Such an unstoppable creature

Leave me quaking in fear

Of the Hell to see

When you meet its stare

A stare, devoid of emotion

Or so that’s what is said

But we never know until

That horrible, fateful encounter

An encounter with death itself

I’ve never heard of

Anything that could even

Come close to facing

This monster

Until now, that is

We are a race of predators

And we shall not stop

Until this creature dies

Still, it frightens me

To think of what would

Happen, should I ever meet

This behemoth alone

We shall find this creature

Jygerex, both hunter and hunted


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