Hair in yellow and navy blue ribbons

Winnie the Pooh lunch box

Naptime was the best time. But that was kindergarten.


Upgrade from pigtails to a ponytail

Made my own odd but ediable lunch

Monkey bars at recress-I mastered that. But that was third grade


Upgraded to actually going to the salon to get my hair straighten out

Picky about what I ate at my school cafeteria

Math Student Award..I accomplished that. But that was the sixth grade.


Tried to hide the my tomboy act and got real with myself

Couldn't impress anybody not even the people I call my friends

It was the year to prepare for high school and get a grip to the world.

But that was eighth grade.


Freshmen year was a blur

Sophmore year I hit a curve

Junior year could've been better

But that was then, and this is now.

My senior year will be a fresh up on all my faults; everyone has to see that its not just the year to enjoy youth

Its our year to get a grasp on what life throws at us and take out the foolish of ourselves.

But that's just me.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Just reflecting on my years of the most memorable moments that took a pause on everything. It was a time where

I believed was literally my defing moment.

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