Thu, 10/23/2014 - 04:14 -- THUBB22

Believing in yourself is key.

The key to success is happiness

Happiness comes from within

So what does that make me?Key.

I am key, and only me,

Only I can unlock the doors to my success

But I must be careful, not to make my life a mess.

To be an actress is a tough decision

Like a doctor about to make a risky incision

This business is rough and unbearably mean

I must remember I am always key

Focus on what matters

Don’t worry about the rest

It will all fall into place

And I will soon be the best

It’s not that I’m cocky

But you can’t win being shy

I just have confidence

And an Oscar in sight

Acting comes from within the heart

And the need to let it free

Just be honest and it will translate

Onto the silver screen

I don’t act to impress, I do it to express

It reminds me of simpler times

When everyone I loved was still mine

I strive to make my family proud

And one day hear them cheering in the crowd

To make their lives easier is all I’ll ever want

For them to relax, and live the life they want

To act is what I yearn to do

It’s all I’ll ever need

And it is possible, if I just remember

I am key.


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