Kissing You is Heaven

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 15:23 -- ecimase

Every time that you come near

My beating heart begins to race

I have always wondered why

The blood rushes to my face

Never knowing what to say

When I told you how I felt

How could I be more surprised?

When you said that you'd be mine

It is so hard to comprehend

How could this possibly be real?

Unlikely as it seems

No words can describe how I feel

A girl as beautiful as yourself

Falling for a guy such as me

This confusing emotion called love

So, I'll enjoy what time we have

Even though life can be tough

Nothing better I could possibly imagine

You light up my day when you laugh

For the bond we wholeheartedly share

I couldn't imagine living without you

Your company, your joy, your cheer

Now it is time for me to confess

Without you, nothing would be the same

Because, honestly, kissing you is heaven


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