Ladies and Gentlemen


Ladies and Gentlemen
Peter K. Amezcua
We are often told to “Not to judge a book by its cover”
But why give a book a fake appearance if it differs on the inside?
As if being honest to reader from the beginning would make it not have a lover,
Therefore the book shields itself with a misleading title just to hide.
Once you start to read and get the pages turning then you see
The truth behind each paragraph and so the writer can finally express with honesty
For so many years I hid behind an allusion to hide what was truly there,
A fake persona for the approval of those who I saw as “cool”,
In all honesty I wish I did not care,
But I was driven to fit in as we all did as we followed the unspoken rule.
I was decently known but inside I felt hollow,
For there was no one who I could connect to, to express my sorrow.
I was living a lie painted as a fighter and what I saw as an a imbecile,
For years I hid who I truly wanted to be,
I fit in with the “cool” kids but still,
Not a single person to come to understand me.
All until one day I met a kid with exemplary style,
An average kid with a goofy smile.
He could care less about the redundant,
He cared about my future,
About me being competent,
Honest and pure,
I no longer was afraid to display who I was for certain,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Please pay attention to the man behind the curtain.


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