At Last I See the Light

No one has really seen me

And I can’t exactly blame them

I’m constantly in the shadows

Dancing in a masquerade ball in my mind

Happy, content, in my own little world

But then my dancing stops, as I realize

That not even the people in my mind

Actually see my face

And that makes me begin to wonder

Do I even know my true self?

Have I been hiding and lying so much

That I’ve forgotten who I am?


I need to search inside myself

And figure out why I’m so hard to see

But it’s been so long, I’m scared of what I’ll find

Who knows what’s lurking deep inside me

What secrets have I kept hidden, even from myself?


I’ve been wearing this mask for so long

It feels as if it has become my face

I am no longer made up of flesh and bone

Instead I am plastic and paint

A hardened soul not meant to be touched


It takes a special kind of light

To break through this tough veil

To make it shrivel up and waste away

And reveal myself underneath

I do not have the power to wield that light

But I know of someone who does

He loves me with all His might

And will shine His light on me

And reveal myself to the world

And to me


My God can see me, even through this impenetrable mask

That has glued itself onto my soul

He knows me, and loves me, despite everything I’ve done

If my Lord can still love me, can still forgive me

Of whatever bad things I’ve done

Then perhaps, with the help of His light,

My face can greet the bright world with a smile

And never wear a mask again

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