Layers of Love


As a teenager

Love is a mystery

It's the impossible holy grail

That is romanticized in every movie,book and show.

It seems as though nowadays

Love is tarnished.

High school is just a race to see who has the best attempt

Of this so called love.

The word is used so loosely,

As this generation is not close to understanding what it means to say those three words.

Love does not need to be proven,

It is felt.

Many times not reciprocated,but it is there.

Chocolates, a card, and a ring

All have different values,

And this is how love is measured universally,

However love has no price.

A romantic relationship needs care

As one would tend a fire.

The most important quality to have

Is to be equal.

One person cannot have the upper hand.

That is power.

In a mother-daughter relationship,

There should be understanding.

“Because I love you” is a phrase very common of a parent.

This does not prove to be a good reason among teenagers,

As they are programmed to be very negligent.

But humans have developed these words to mean

“I hold you to my utmost importance”.

In a friendship, trust is the most fragile.

Like an exposed candle in the wind,

It needs to be protected,

As one gust can blow out the flame that once shined light in the darkness.

What is love without its title?

Without its four- letter presence

Marking the cards of millions on Valentine's Day?

Is it a feeling?

An emotion?

An instinct?

Humans have adapted it to be a reason.

A reason to push on for hope.

A reason to be there for one another.

All in all,

A reason to be.



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