Learning to Appreciate

You pay the bills

Relieve me when I have the chills

I appreciate everything you do,

Without you, I wouldn’t being wearing at least one shoe.


Being ungrateful isn’t an option

Especially when I could’ve been put for adoption

I can’t survive without you

I don’t know what I would do


I can’t succeed

because you’re who I need

I need you you in my life

Even though we endure a lot of strife


We may struggle everyday

But you still have the last say

I let you win

Because I only aspire to see your grin


I never had a clue

Of the amount of things you do

All the money and energy you spend

Came from your heart without an end


Thank you for everything

I’m so grateful I would sing,

Thank you Mother and Father

From your loving daughter.


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My family
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