Left or Right Brained?



The Sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, calculus

Numbers, notations, equations: lots of calculations


The Arts: music, drama, painting, poetry

Rhythm n’ blues, theatrics, reflections: lots of interpretations


The Sciences- First period Physics.

Today’s discussion-centripetal force

Acceleration defined, force diagrams drawn

But let’s save the imagination for another time...


The Arts- Second period English.

Today’s discussion- The Great Gatsby

The symbolism of colors defined, characters’ motives analyzed

But let’s keep numbers out of this equation...


The Sciences- If you’re good at them, you’ll be an engineer!

Or a physicist, biologist, or doctor!


The Arts- If you’re good at them, you’ll be a lawyer!

Or a politician, orator, or judge!


They say you’re either one or the other

Left-brain: logic, the science side

Right-brain: imagination, the art side


But could there be

the art of Science and the science of Art.

Together. In Harmony?


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