Lessons Of The Flowers


A Rose for Love,

A Daisy for Passion,

Cherry Blossoms for a new start,

Jonquil for Courage,

Violet for Peace and

Sweet Peas for Innocence.

The flowers teach us things no school lesson can

or ever could, for that matter

Lilies of the Valley for Success,

Larkspur for Friendship,

Aster for the Future,

Marigolds for Hope and

Calendula for Purity.

The colors show us the earth's feelings

And show through even the darkest night

White Carnations for Simplicity,

Chrysanthemum to Stay Happy,

Gladioli to be Individual,

Narcissi for Prosperity,

Hawaiian Ginger for Bliss and

Lavender for Comfort.

Moon Flower to remind you of the next tomorrow,

And Bleeding Hearts for all the pain and sorrow,

Vanilla to Stay Calm,

Morning Glory to Remind Us...

Never to Dwell on the Past,

Day Lily to Move On,

Iris to keep Alive the Ones We've Lost,

Heather for Joy and

Lilac for Staying Strong...

One last flower

I must mention

Perhaps the most important...

Amaryllis to sparkle through

The darkest of times and

To shine as bright as the sun.

This, my friends, is

Life's perfect meadow.


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