Let Fact Separate from Fiction

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 02:44 -- Genm21


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The fact is I am HUMAN.

I make mistakes

Those mistakes prevent me from

Continuing my life,

Where do I begin?

And Where do I end?


Time goes against me,

But life always goes on,

This is the never ending cycle

To life.


I see my days pass by,

Time hurries the people around me

I speak,

but still I listen,

I want to be heard.


This is me with the colored hair,

Decorated in rainbow.

The six colors secretly describe me

While others see it as paint,

I see ART.

And Expression.


The Yellow symbolizing hope,

The idea that resignation is never the option

Orange for funny and playful,

The times we truly need it in our lives

Red for the burning love I hold within,

and the anger locked inside that wants to rip from

the chains that confine them.

Purple for relaxing,

Allowing a breath in and out,

now and then.

Blue for lonesome,

The days that I really desire that helping hand

Green for Harmony,

which allows the world to turn

for another day.


But my colors are just the beginning

For the truth doesn’t come out in the brightest colors

Or the dimmest of colors

But the ones we don’t see in between.


Why does struggle look scary?

Why does love feel real?

Why do we question ourselves?

When we know that right.

The greatest thing in the world is to find

Your Own Definition

Your Purpose

Your Meaning to Live


Mine is hoping that you see what I see in others.

Not the physical features but

The one we chose to ignore.

Every great Person has faced

Big obstacles in their life time

And achieved.

more than recognition

they achieved a GIFT that

became widely acknowledged

when they passed BUT,

they are known for their life

NOT death.


So why do we feel restricted?

Why let fear run your life?

Embrace that tomorrow is

A Different Day!

Because what’s tomorrow

Without today?

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