Let Me Speak! (It's My Right)


Why should I shut my mouth with subjects on moral and humane rights because



You may be right

I don't understand

How can,

How can we as a nation proclaim one nation under God and be oppressors of

"Our own kind" as human beings

How can we be fine with that

I won't...

I don't...

I don't understand how can one man

Base his speculations on a black hoodie

Well, I better watch out for winter...

I have yet to figure out the threat

Maybe innocent Trayvon Martin could've

used the skittles to block the bullet headed for his chest

I really wonder what in the world was going through Zimmerman's head that day

What made him act that way

What made him do such a thing

Was it because he was black?

Even so, I would'nt understand though


I'm too young...

I could'nt possibly understand how,

How a lady named Sandra Bland

Was pronounced dead

Because of an officer who is sworn to protect


How could I possibly understand that

The fact that my youth has to be the determining factor for my mental

capacity on these matters

I don't understand that


I can't accept that

I can't accept

Former Officer Darren

Felt that Mike Brown was the biggest threat in mankind

So he thought in his mind to pull that trigger six times

With each shot you were fueling my flames

You remove that gun when your life is at stake

So...that explains the two bullets which cascaded through Mike Brown head

I wouldn't understand how a simple whistle was the determining factor between

life and death

I wouldn't understand?

How can...,

How can I not understand

You got it wrong though

I totally understand

You misunderstand me

These victims are like me

Mostly teens

It hurts us too...

Don't get it twisted

We all are affected...

All of us

Every black young man

And every black young lady


We feel the inhumanity being perpetrated towards our society

We are young



And we deserve our voice

And we...,


Long for the day where we get our shot


"Let Me Speak"


That is our right

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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