Let the Music Play...


Let the music play...
To end the illusions of...
Pride that cometh before the-
Fear like a snake consuming itself,
Shame and guilt that cripple-
Apathy that binds.
Beyond light, beyond darkness.
To take me home...
To my mother, father, sister, brother...
The sound eternal that permeates my spirit...
The ever-present Word of God.
So he, she, I open our ears to listen-
And the bass
The liquid ambrosia pouring through my veins
to let me borrow the mind of...
I want more...
But I don't need it.
"Heaven lies within..."
Electus taught this to my mind,
Mitis taught it to my soul.
Better teachers any than ever taught before.
No books required. No tuition needed.
Their every test and final is: to Open your heart and soul.
"Think for yourself."
The Beatles said that.
But...listen, take it from me...
the truth doesn't always set you free.
It empowers you but-
Power [without wisdom] corrupts.
Wisdom [without power] gives power.
Power with wisdom---is a story for another time. Sorry.
Jesus knew. Ask him. Or the Buddha.
They know the secrets of sound,
The secrets of life as well.
And I get closer every time I--
Let the music play...
To drop the scales from my eyes...
And plant in my heart a seed of
Life to live so I may plant a flower of
to guide others and the world.
My bible invisible lights my way
whenever I...
Let the music play...
To close the world outside...
And open the world within.

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