A Letter To All Women

Get in the kitchen, that is where you belong

Stay home and clean, that is your job

Look after the family, you wanted this

Don't work to earn money for yourself, do it for me


Well guess what streight, middle aged conservative white man

Keep up with the times, they're changing, leaving you behind

Apparently we are equal now

With a twenty percent pay gap

And sexist coments about our bodies

The fear of being assulted on the streets

And alone, in our homes

The steryotype that men will protect us

Only half true


We must learn to fight for ourselves

We are all we have, eachother

Do what is right for us, not him

To lift eachother up

Looks are not a compitition

Who cares if you date the guy on the football team

Or the nerd who always sits in the library at recess

Live your own life.

Be bold

Be creative

Be a risk taker

Be original

Be you

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