Letter to a Bully


You don’t know what I’ve been through.

You don’t know what it’s like in my shoes,

to have so much and then to lose it all.

You tell me to get over it

but you don’t understand.

It’s like I’m walking a circus on one single strand,

and you don’t understand.


You have no Idea how it feels

to be ripped from your home

when you’ve just settled in.

Forced to trek across a pond

where you just might fall in.

And you still treat me like nothing,

your words and actions of torment and hate,

just add to the hardship I’ve already faced.

But they begin to pile

towards the breaking point.

Your words sting on wounds attempting to heal,

but you keep talking

because you have no idea how I feel.


I have begun to realize

that there is no use in running away from you,

because you will just keep coming after me.

I can’t hide;

you’ll see me no matter where I try to go.

I can’t blend in;

I can’t even pretend to belong in a crowd.

I tell you to stop,

to just leave me and my friends alone,

but you can’t hear,

or you won’t listen.

Because you have no reason for mercy.

You just play your tricks and they’re dirty.

Why do you loathe me?

Because I’m lost?

Because I ‘m down?

Do you like kicking me around?

If you do,

then you’re so twisted.

If all your joy is consisted

in my torment and sorrow,

then I don’t know if I’ll want to stick around and see you tomorrow.

And start the cycle over again,

how monotonous it gets,

I hope that this is one of your many regrets.

Because I know it’s one of mine,

I wish I had never met you,

all the time.

~A victim



This was beautiful; yet made me tear up. Great job. Very moving.


This was incredible and expressed in the best way you could have possibly done :)


Wow i feel so sad but i do understand because i been a victim of bullying. It is something i definitely don't wanna go through again. If only people knew what impact they had on each other.

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