A Letter to Mental Illness

Dear Attention Deficit Disorder,

I would appreciate you more if you were further away,

If you were something to march for,

Not something to fight,

It's not fun to live this way,

I want out.


Even now you are drawing me in,

A girl's laughter like hammers on my ears,

Fueling my anger but it's not a big deal,

They don't know how hard it's been,

I want out.


I wish people understood,

You're not something I can get rid of just by thinking you away,

I don't mean to interrupt them,

but I can't think over there talking,

If I could think myself free of you I would,

I can't get out.


Sometimes I'm glad they can't understand,

I wouldn't wish you on my worse enemy,

You are worse than any adversary,

I would rather it just be me who really,

can't get out.



Who's tired of dealing with you.

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