A Letter to Teenage Girls who Wear Short Skirts and Crop Tops

Dear teenage girls,

Marc Jacobs once said, "Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn't about being naked."

Dear thirteen year old girl in line in front of me at forever 21,

nice butt, my now ex-boyfriend really enjoys it. 

Dear preteen pulling your top lower to reveal your stuffed bra, 

do your parents know you are attempting to flirt with twenty year olds? 

Dear young girls, 

You make me want to rip out my eye sockets

Dear young girls,

You make me pray to God each night that I wasn't like you when I was your age

Dear young girl, 

What happened in your past to make you need male attention?

Dear young girl, 

You don't need a man to make you happy

Dear young girl,

You don't need love to make you happy

Run as far as your legs can carry you

Scream as loud as you can

Travel to the ends of the earth and enjoy the view

Drive till you witness the sunrise and take a freaking picture

This phase of your life will pass and you realize that this never made you happy

That this attention you seek made you hurt worse

That you never needed this in the first place

That those short skirts and crop tops were gateways to the moments in your life that you will regret the most

I'm sorry that you felt the need to degrade yourself so severely 

I'm sorry you were hurt enough to do so

I'm sorry that I wasn't there to befriend you, to help you along in your journey

I'm so sorry that this poem applies to you

I hope you find someone who loves you unconditionally

That you have a big family, with many daughters

I hope you teach them how to love themselves, and show them how to respect themselves

I hope that you look back on your days of tight clothing and multitude of men and see only a stepping stone on your journey in life

Have no regrets. Love cautiously. Live fearlessly, for I love you.


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