Letters From a Flower

You had once called me your flower.

That I blossomed into your life as they do in Spring.

That you were a man who never questioned himself, that was... until me.

You had once told me on that first night,

that you took me out and we gazed among the stars,

"It could all be so easy, if we just let it be."

And when the springtime ended, so did the man I used to know.

The gentle touch, the honesty in your eyes

And the cracks beneath this perfect image began to show

You stopped watering me with your love,

And my petals began to die,

And soon I discovered, that our story was all a lie

You had once called me your flower

As you did everytime you returned

You had once been the reason I thrived,

And now you are merely a lesson learned.






Having just gone through a breakup, this totally hit me hard and I'm usually one for little emotion. I just have to say that I think we're all flowers, whether or not we know it. If that makes us, individually, less valuable or less pretty because we all are, then how do we truly know value? Anyway, food for thought. Very much felt with this piece.


I had written this poem with the thought of my role in our relationship... I had never thought about it from that perspective. Thank you for taking the time to see all aspects, and hopefully enjoying this poem!

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