I tell you the truth from my heart,

You call the lies.

I wish you well,

You call them lies.

The word you say,

Five letters,

Sharper than steel,

They kill,

They drive into my soul,

Turning my heart black.

I’ll ask you why you reply “Because I can”

I wish you could see the pain underneath it all,

I wish you would know your effect,

I say you’re no fair,

You simply reply life is no fair.

You’re not my life,

You’re just my everything that keeps me alive,

You are my love,

My hope,

My sadness,

You don’t know I love you,

With all my heart,

The places no one has seen they shine for you.

The tears no one has ever seen they fall for you.

The words no one has heard I say for you.

We are young,

We might not make it,

We are too different,

We have our whole life ahead,

I want not to go into the darkness with anyone else,

But you call my love lies!

You can’t love me?

Or you won’t love me?

I’ve had it once I guess that might be all I get.

I want to cherish all the time we had together,

Yet you treat me like a friend,

The end is near; all my friends are leaving,

Will you be leaving as well?

I only gave you the best of me.

I wish you well,

I hope for the best,

I want to see you happy always,

I know you call me lies because it is uncertain,

We know that we don’t know what is going to be our last day together.

But I know that I love you.

All my heart.

I gave it everything I had.

I hoped, dreamt, risked,

Now I fear the risk might have been too great,

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Now you tell me to let you go.

I wish you would stay in the darkness with me.


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