lies for your lies

I used to be someone you cared for. I used to the person you called if you needed anything.

Everything changed. 

Your number,your love for me and nothing stayed the same.

How could you play me like a game? I shouldnt be the one to blame.

I thought i was special, someone you could see in your life for eternal.

My heart is like a broken record, skippin beats everyhting u come to mind.

I love you . But u never said it back ,so i bossed up and left you where you were at.

You mean nothing now. Just someone i met when i was down. 

but now im back and i better.

You was never special cause i wasnt to you .

Yes, everything i said above is true about you.

Dont question it cause you are in no postion to. 

bye now. have a good life now .

you worthless cow.











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