Life Is All Stick and Stone

Life is all stick and stone.
Looking out across recent life's sea,
Or shall I say looking in,
I'm looking at what used to be.
I'm not excluded from that life and its kin.

Life is half stick.
The more I try to improve,
The worse I become sick.
There's no one to come and soothe,
But I thought that was the purpose of some -ish!

Life is half stone.
I'm lost in the land of me.
Lost in misery, lost in grief,
Lost in doubt, wishing for glee.
The person I am is not who I wish to be.

Life is stick and stone for me.
As I look closer,
I see my recent ex-lovers.
They're happy and free,
Especially since they're away from me.

So now I'm all alone.
Plenty to love, but none is returned.
My happiness, forever postponed.
So much pain that leaves me to burn.
Life for me is stick and stone.


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