Life and Meaning

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 15:28 -- ecimase

It is common knowledge that we are alive

One of the few, universal realities

What exactly is the meaning of life?

For every answer, there is a mystery

Is there any real reason or rhyme?

For each thing in life we find

More and more we try to understand

The clues that nature presents us

But truth can be stranger than fiction

Though, that should be quite obvious

What is truth, changes with each man

So it is harder to understand

I will try my best to be honest

What you take and get from this

Is for you alone to decide

Life is not about just money

Or what good things we receive

More it is what we choose to give

Like love, peace, and happiness

I personally love us all

With a growing light of hope

Give to those in need

Focus just on what you know is right

Our future is looking bright

For this dream, I'll never let go


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