The Life I Live

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 23:04 -- HMarti6

From time to time i like to just lay

Allow my mind to ease

Something I can call bed peace

You see I've been so busy doing this and doing that

Not having time for me

Turning into a person who wants to please at all times

But I have to learn that everything I do

I should do it for me


I'm in this game called life

Not knowing what to do

I'm in the ocean with no boat

In the sky with no parachute

In a car with no brakes

And in these situations I don't know what to do

How do I react

How do I overcome this

Who do I ask to help me

What do I do that's the opposite of resist

But at this point of time in the midst of everything

I do know 3 things

Drowning...not an option

Free falling...not an answer choice

Crashing...not even a consideration


Now they say to ask and it is given

But as I continue to ask I become more confused

The floor is more familiar than the ceiling

It's like I take 2 steps forward just to get knocked 5 steps behind

It feels as if I'm paying for it with my heart and my mind

And for that I am poorer


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

He won't give you more than you can handle"

Surely we've heard them all

But alas, a rich man is not the one who has the most

But the one who needs the least

So for now I'll sit back and wish for nothing




Good choice, but please do keep praying for it is true that if we keep knocking that He will answer. It might be a no sometimes for what we ask for is not really what we need, but you will be surprised what God can do for next for you. He can give you something better for your circumstance or make you realize that what you "needed" wasn't at all good for you to have at the time. Have patience, keep praying, and work hard for the things you need and with God will help you to receive them. God bless and keep writing on my friend:)!


Awww thank you. I appreciate that! I'll definitely take your advise

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