Life of a Master Mind


Los Angeles, Ca
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

I am
That teenager girl
Who's life has been taunted
By these inconsiderate
Human beings
Low life having....
Can I just
Catch my tounge please
But every word
That came at me
Like death traps
In wars I wish
I could have used my ammunition
If you only knew
How it feels
To be judged by your religion
Be that young boy
Parents come home
And dismisses him
Because he never fights back
While the bigger kids
Pick on him
Better yet
The color of my skin
May not
Have been incorporated
In your skin
So you treat me
Like peasants
That are dying to dine
In the presents of
Men and women
Who are just like them
I am to "unqualified"
To be amongst powerful men
Because my intellectual
Abilities are as high as
Egyptian pyramid's
But yet
You look down on me
The times when I felt
So confident
In my women hood
Other women
Shot down a
Non modeled figure,
The things that goes on
In young minds
Will make you
Want to pull the trigger
Behind guns
With no Aim
Just pull it
I don't care about rebellion
If I feel like I'm in hail
With master minds

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