Life's Journey


Your thighs are too thick, your waist is too wide
Your laugh is too loud, your mind is too mad
All things that I hear on a day to day basis, its hard to keep your mind straight when you’re twisted in all places 
Being a teenage girl in the 2000 generation is a hard task to do with social media’s negative penatration 
Blasted by rail thin models and video hoes, the world is showing me its not what I know but how I get low 
-or is it how high I can go?
Either way, I’m oppressed into shallow thinking
-or is it that all thoughts are fleeting
I wonder if its the hair dye seeping through my scalp or the constant image of Beyonce’s curves pressuring me into being her
All my adolescent years spent hiding behind jeans and baggy shirts and a humorous front, trying to show the world haha, i don’t give a fuck
Year after year of pretending, and I started to believe it
I am a fierce bitch
but not for the way my curves compare to hills and valleys 
but for the way I completed my bowl of spaghetti
I am not beautiful for the way my hair catches the sunlight 
Much rather the way I light fires in peoples hearts
I am beautiful, not in the Vogue sense but in the senseless way I embark upon life
I take it by the reigns and ride my own path where cheeseburgers and fries are the loves of my life
My hair runs where it pleases, I don’t have a trademarked style where you can say “Oh that’s so Daisy” 
My stomach covered in scars after teaching me a life lesson
The lesson learned is a lessened pain, a lessened struggle to be who I’m really meant to be
Independent and free is the life I’ve chosen, open minded and clear and ready to love 
I have no time to dilly dally, you have one life, I’m upfront and honest about the way I choose to live
Just like a model, my cheek bones are high 
Just like how I am over books, my eyebrows are arched
My just flow with it appearance isn’t something shameful, I flow and bend and am open to new things 
My sense of humor is senseless, I have uneven skin, my temper is loud so is my laugh
but who gives a crap? 


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