The Light in Her Eyes


Without mark or scar

Perfect skin free of acne

Not a hair out of place

Makeup painted on your face

Teeth, straight and white



A mark that distracts from appearance...

The marks that "take aways" are what make me:

Acne scars, hair like yellow straw, makeup free, teeth unlike pearls.

What does she see?

An inner beauty.


Deep inside the light in her eyes,

A soul resides.

Protected by a body that endures,

The constant onslaught of expectations.

She is told to conform.


But instead, she stands. Even in alone.

Stands for the truth she holds.

Unbroken by the noise, however deafening.

Holding firm to her belief.


Her spirit is what matters most,

Untainted by bitter reproach.

She knows what others disregaurd.

What it means to be flawless.



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