Lights, Camera, Pull Back the Curtain

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 01:07 -- nysia96



“This above all: to thine own self be true.”


It’s time to unwrap what potential

I stored and show how comfortable — I can be.

Although I have been hiding behind this curtain,

I must reveal the true me.


Time for courageous and bravery.

Time for honesty and clarity.

No more time for weakness.

No more time for excuses.


Because I am an outspoken person,

I tend to speak out of turn.

I have my quiet moments,

but sometimes my mind needs to be heard.


I use sarcastic comments towards people

when I am feeling challenged or defensive.

I don't like to be wrong or incorrect,

but I don't like to brag or gloat.


I like and admire personality, not looks and appearance.

I don't look at gender and race.

I don't see color; the only thing a person's nationality tells me

is where his or her heritage came from.


I enjoy stories;

especially if I am the one telling them.

I like arguments and debates,

but only if I can win.


I tend to think I am funny

and like to tell jokes.

but my family and friends

like to disagree.


I can be nice — when I won't to be.

I let my anger get the best of me,

but in all reality

it's because of my self doubt.


My family thinks I project the attitude of not caring

about my appearance,

but the truth is

I am still finding myself.


I like to explore new things

if it was my idea to start off with

or came up with.

I value a lot of things.


I ask a lot of questions

because my mind likes to wonder.

But my brain likes

to control itself.


I am beginning to realize

that I am courageous and brave.

That I am strong and not weak.

That my excuses are now commitments.


My “thine own self” is starting to “be true”.

And I am starting to love it.


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