One word


should be enough to describe

my feelings – the feels – of this year.

But it can’t. It’s too great and beautiful

to limit it.


The passion of a fandom

can only compare to the thrill

and excitement

of standing outside in the thunder and rain

as streaks of lightning split the sky.


No, it didn’t rain much this year.

Does it ever rain much?


A heart wrenching,

soul-sucking, life-engulfing

existence. But it’s all worth it.

The escape from a hot, dry world

into one that has you in love with

a fictional character.


I have never felt such a surge

of pride and sorrow and

joy and bliss and

grief and disbelief and

fury and relief and



My obsession grows, a thistle weed

pretty and attractive but impossible to

rid yourself of forever. It always

comes back.


But it can make a beautiful bouquet

if cultivated properly; it gives life

to an empty room and complements

one already filled with people.


It’s become easier, as time goes on,

to share with others my thoughts,

as I often find fandoms

to be a point of common interest. 

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